Are you 100% confident in who has been handling your products before presenting to your patients?

At Utah Cord Bank, they are meticulous about screening, acquisition, testing and processing the postnatal tissue donation. You can be assured that the scientists are focused on preserving the tissue through minimal manipulation so that when your patients receive the vials, they are most beneficial.

Before you purchase your next vial from another lab, ask the question … Where have these originated from and who has been handling them? And is the lab working to the highest standards in maintaining the products’ safety, purity and strength (potency).

We are 100% confident in Utah Cord Bank products. Choose the best!

Watch for upcoming news on pricing and big marketing changes.

In the meantime, check out upcoming training seminars/workshops around the country, teaching new and safe protocols.

Harper Restoration Systems – Featuring Dr. Dennis Harper

Brimhall Wellness – Featuring Dr. John Brimhall and Dr. Marc Harris

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