DBS / UCB News and Updates!

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First and foremost, we hope and pray you, your families and loved ones are safe. While there is upheaval in our daily lives, business continues in many areas, including, but not limited to, the Utah Cord Bank and (DBS) Diversified Biological Signaling Solutions, Inc. Utah Cord Bank is shipping products as usual.  The only [...]

Dennis Harper DC To Speak At Brimhall 2020!

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2020 Brimhall Homecoming Event January 16th - 19th 2020 Tempe, Arizona Dennis Harper DC will once again be a featured speaker at the 2020 Brimhall Homecoming.  We invite you to join him as he speaks on "Preconditioning, and Differential Diagnosis".  2020 Brimhall Homecoming Event January 16th - 19th 2020 [...]

We can now sell Individual Vials of BA!

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DBS (Diversified Biological Signaling Solutions, Inc.) Is excited to announce that they now have the ability to sell individual vials of BA (Biologic Allograft)  in the following formats: .5cc, 1cc, & 2 cc amounts! Email Jolene (DBS CFO / Client Care Manager) at jolenem@diversifiedbio.com for details on how to order!

Stronger Response From FDA, Confirms HRS Stance That Terminology IS Critical In Today’s Market!

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Marketing mistakes to avoid! It’s not just the FDA & FTC that can cause problems!

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